WB finance & compliance®

Concentrate on your core competencies and leave the rest to us!

You are planning to set up a presence in India and are looking for a service provider that accomplishes this task reliably and in accordance with the Indian law on site? Or are you already active in India with a liaison office, joint venture or an affiliated company and need assistance in the day-to-day administration? Or is it that you want to know to what extent your existing corporation has kept in line with law and order. Or are you planning to take over an Indian company and now need according information?

  • Do not stay alone with the complexity of the Indian tax and company law, but make use of our expertise and experience.
  • Avoid distraction from the actual target through unknown administrative tasks and new regulations.
  • Check your current administrative structure for safety deficiencies and potential for improvement.
  • Assess potential partners for joint venture and M&A candidates by means of profound due diligence.

We are your partner and no middleman; we do not entrust core tasks to subcontractors, but manage them with our own trained team at the sites New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai.

Even in Germany we won’t leave you without support! Our aim is to be within your reach anytime – without time lag or language-related i.e. intercultural misunderstandings. Benefit from German project leaders who have first-hand experience in Indian business administration.

  • Company Formation

    Company foundation, start-up and investment counselling, planning of finances and administration, registrations and authorisations.

  • Accounting & Administration

    Bookkeeping and accounting, payroll accounting and social security contributions, reporting and controlling, commercial project management, tax planning and processing, banking, requirements under company law, setup of own administrative structures / transition into autonomy.

  • Corporate Compliance

    Introduce your regulatory targets in India and monitor their compliance. Take care that (Indian and global) legal standards are fulfilled and bring about transparency in the corporate governance. Detect and erase weak points and misconduct.

  • Special Audits and Due Diligence

    Planning and implementation of specific tests, such as internal audits, compliance audits and information system audits. Due diligence of Indian joint venture partners and M&A candidates.

  • Virtual CFO

    Supervision of financial operations and support in financial strategy decisions by a highly qualified, virtual CFO with experience proven in daily business.